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*EXCLUSIVE* Pet First Aid Kit

A complete Pet First Aid Kit. The ideal kit to take when travelling with your pet. Each kit comes complete with a sturdy zip-up carry case and nylon handle. If your pet suffers a cut, bruise, or strain, you are fully prepared to treat them and get them to safety. Bag Size: 12cm x 8cm x 6cm. Contents: 2 x 20ml Pods of Saline - to wash away dirt and debris from your pet's eyes and other areas, simply wipe away and excess fluid. 1 x Medium Dressing with Ties - to cover any injury, these have tie bandages attached but do not fasten tightly. Use the microporous tape if additional retention is required. 1 x Large Dressing with Ties - to cover any larger injuries. 1 x Foil Blanket - to retain body warmth and help combat shock, use this to wrap your pet in on the journey to the vets. 5 x Gauze Swabs - pour a saline pod over to make a wet wipe or use for cleaning up fluid or saline. 1 x Microporous Tape - roll of paper tape for holding dressings or bandages in place. 1 x Conforming Bandage - use around a limb if a sprain is suspected or apply over a dressing for security, hold in place with a strip of Microporous Tape. 2 x Pairs of Vinyl Gloves - keep yourself clean and don't cross contaminate yourself or your pet. 2 x Plastic Pouches - to cover foot injuries and help keep them clean, fasten with microporous tape. 4 x Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes - to clean wounds prior to applying the dressing. 1 x Scissors. 1 x Tweezers.

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